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Medical Assistance and Advocacy

Acting as a personal advocate throughout the medical process, the Guardian Partner program will arrange transportation to doctor appointments, arrange follow-up care (coordinating procedures, special medical instructions, etc.), fill prescriptions, and arrange over-the counter medical care as needed.


Seniors should be able to do not just the things they need to do, but also the things they want to do. With a dedicated team that arranges transportation to doctor appointments, grocery stores, family functions and other destinations, now they can.

Everyday Bill Paying Assistance

Seniors have a REAL partner to ensure living expenses (rent or mortgage, electric, gas, water, phone, etc.) are paid on time, every time.

Day to Day Living Needs Assistance

Meeting individual quality of life needs will no longer be a worry. These can include shopping for groceries, clothing and other personal needs, a trip to the salon or a visit with family and friends…all things that contribute to an enriched quality of life.

In Home Assistance

Washing dishes, taking out the trash, and mowing the lawn are just a few home maintenance needs that can become impossible challenges for some seniors. The Guardian Partner program can arrange to have these in-home needs met. In addition, Guardian Partner can select and supervise personal assistance for daily living needs such as bathing, dressing, eating and other personal care issues.

Spiritual Needs Assistance

Seniors receive assistance that will help fulfill personal religious or spiritual needs such as celebrating holidays and attending church or other places of worship.

End of Life Decision Guidance

The Guardian Partner program ensures that the individual beliefs, values and wishes of seniors who are in our care are respected whenever end of life decisions are being made.

Optional Financial Protection

When seniors or their representatives have not employed an attorney or trust officer to protect their personal finances, the Guardian Partner program can provide complete financial decision-making protection for the individual, including issues involving home repairs, taxes, living options, family issues, sale of property and personal possessions, insurance claims and investments.

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